Kerry Lynn is a lifelong dancer and professional belly dancer, currently based out of New Orleans, La. She has spent the last half of her life submerged in the studies and performance of its variations such as Classical Arabic/Egyptian Cabaret, American Vintage Belly Dance, and Eastern European folkloric.

Her performance experience includes: weddings, cultural events, music festivals, night clubs/venues, corporate events, private parties, etc. She is well versed in the diverse cultural customs of belly dance and leans those sensitivities toward the particular event.

Debauche @DBA

She has shared the stage with live bands such as The Vagabond Opera (Bohemian Cabaret), The Fishtank Ensemble (Gypsy Fusion) , Raquy and The Cavemen (Middle Eastern), Kal (Romanian), and her most current involvement with Debauche (Russian Gypsy) ,

Kerry Lynn can most often be seen with Debauche “Russian Mafia Band” dancing in and out of New Orleans, playing bass drum, spoons and balancing vodka.